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Courtesy of Marvel Studios(LOS ANGELES) — Daniel Brühl is having the time of his life playing the fist-pumping, Marvin Gaye-admiring, and surprisingly cultured Baron Helmut Zemo in Disney+’s The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. 

“When I opened these scripts and saw what they had in mind with Zemo this time around, I was mesmerized and so happy because I’m always a fan,” Brühl tells ABC Audio. “[To] get the opportunity to [have] some sense of humor [and] to lighten things up.”

It’s safe to say the new Zemo is very different from the one in Captain America: Civil War, which Brühl describes as “driven and manipulative.” The actor says it is, “a privilege to show so many different sides” of his character.

“If you’re given the chance to revisit a character and do something very different with it, it’s the most wonderful experience,” Brühl explains. “Because then you don’t have to [worry about] repeating yourself [or becoming] redundant and boring.”

Ahead of next episode, Brühl says fans will get to see more of Zemo’s unlikely collaboration with Anthony Mackie’s Falcon and Sebastian’s Stan’s Winter Soldier. He also notes that this includes how the three of them will develop a “mutual understanding” and respect for one another.

“What I loved about the dynamic in the show with these three guys together is that they couldn’t be more different,” Brühl says.

“Obviously, very different attitudes, motivations, very different histories,” he continues. “But underneath it all, I think there’s a mutual understanding for each other’s pains and traumas because they’re all haunted by the demons of the past. And that’s what makes it so compelling to watch.”

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier airs Friday on Disney+.

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By Candice Williams
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