About 200 properties in Benton Township that currently have no access to broadband internet will soon be able to get it, thanks to Berrien County and the Benton Township Board of Trustees.

At a Tuesday meeting, the township board approved a contract with Midwest Energy and Communications to install broadband at unserved homes. Township Comptroller Ben Brewer tells us Berrien County has set aside about $145,000 in federal funds that will be matched by the township so unserved residents can get broadband from MEC.

The county would hire them, technically, but the township is entering into an agreement to ensure that Midwest Energy knows that the township is on board with providing this service to residents,” Brewer said.

The cost to each resident who chooses to sign up will be $100, while the township and county will each pitch in $675 per property.

Township Supervisor Kathy Yates told us she’s glad to help.

I’m very excited about that because it’s allowing people who have been calling and asking me to help them get internet, and now it has come through for us,” Yates said.

The affected properties are largely in rural areas. They aren’t covered by Berrien County’s previous efforts to use a state ROBIN grant to help MEC expand broadband in unserved areas.

Brewer said any residents with questions should call the township.