Michigan’s 2024 fishing season has started.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources fisheries biologist Christian LeSage tells us licenses are now available and the new fishing regulations have been released. He says the DNR sold more than one million fishing licenses last year.

We have world-class fishing opportunities,” LeSage said. “We have the Great Lakes, four of the five Great Lakes are here. We have all kinds of trout and salmon fishing. We have walleye fishing. We have lake sturgeon. We have muskie fishing, world-class walleye, world-class smallmouth bass.”

You can buy a fishing license for $26 at many retailers that sell sporting goods. You can also get them online.

LeSage urges anglers to get the DNR Hunt Fish app.

It is really helpful. It also has the digital information for the hunting digest and fishing information, the regulations, so it’s really very useful.”

LeSage says you can find the new fishing regulations at He notes you can get a ticket for fishing without a license, the amount of which escalates per violation. Since fishing licenses purchased now are good through March 31 of next year, he calls them a good deal.

Anglers are also reminded to take steps to prevent the spread of invasive species by making sure fishing gear and boats are cleaned before moving to new areas.