The Niles Scream Park has announced it’s ending a longtime attraction. Its haunted hayride has been discontinued.

In a social media post this week, the Scream Park said it was a difficult decision, but due to economic, staffing, and safety reasons, the Dark TERROR-tory Haunted Hayride has closed, effective immediately.

The park goes on to say the hayride is one of its most expensive attractions due to the cost of fuel, maintenance, and decorations. Also, the park says the hayride could only exist thanks to the efforts of one family whose time commitment has become uncertain. Finally, the park says the safety needs of patrons have become impossible to maintain on the hayride.

The Scream Park says the hayride is being replaced with a new attraction called the Wicked Woods, in which “a secluded society dwells amidst the dense foliage and towering trees ruled by a tyrannical force of power with no bounds.” The park also says it’s looking at bringing back the hayride in some different capacity at a future date.