Businesses in Luna Pier, Michigan are preparing for an influx of spectators thanks to next week’s solar eclipse. The small city in Monroe County is one of the only places to view the eclipse in Michigan.

Mayor Jim Gardner said the 1,500 residents are prepared for the crowds coming their way.

We have made everyone aware of it the best we can that it’s going to be a big event,” Gardner said. “Of course, they see all the stories on the news now, which we anticipated. It’s an exciting thing, once every hundred years. It’s just a spectacular thing, and we’re very fortunate to be in the past.”

If you’re planning on visiting, expect long traffic delays. The main entry point into the city is currently down because of construction, meaning the back roads will be congested.

Gardner suggests driving to Ohio, which will have more minutes of totality. Luna Pier will only have 30 seconds.

The eclipse will be Monday.